Asia Cup Seeing the dollars, Sri Lanka's eyes sparkled -

Asia Cup Seeing the dollars, Sri Lanka’s eyes sparkled

The Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket has not only formally decided to hold the Asia Cup in its own country from August 27 to September 11 but has also informed the Asian Cricket Council.

The board is confident of holding the tournament in a dignified manner despite the ongoing economic crisis in the country.

Due to the economic crisis in the country, fuel shortage, and other issues, some Asian countries had reservations about holding the Asia Cup in Sri Lanka.

“We have made the final decision to hold the mega event in our own country as per the schedule,” said SLC chief executive Ashley de Silva.

Yes, we are successfully implementing all our plans, the Australian team is already in Sri Lanka and with it, the T20 and ODI series have been completed well, now the second Test is about to be played.

According to experts, hosting two or more teams in the current situation is no less of a challenge for the Sri Lankan board, de Silva admits.

“I know it will be very difficult, but both the Sports Minister and the Tourism Minister Have assured us of the peaceful conduct of the tournament and full support.

“We need to promote tourism in our country. If we successfully host the Asia Cup, then some qualifiers will be played here as well.

This will be a lucrative income,” he said. The good thing is that it will bring a lot of foreign exchange to the country, all the teams will be paid in dollars, and operational expenses and hotel bills will also be paid in dollars, from 3 in the country during the Asia Cup.

Revenue of 4 4 million will come, not only that when you play the Asia Cup then the distribution fund is also distributed, it will give a fair share to all the teams, dollars should also be paid for the daily expenses of the visiting teams. Teams from other countries will also bring dollars.

Teams from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan will participate directly in the tournament, while a qualifying round will be held to select an additional team, which will include teams from the UAE, Kuwait, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

De Silva said the Asia Cup matches will probably be played in Colombo and Kandy but we have not finalized them yet, hopefully, the final decision will be made in the next one to two weeks, one group matches in Colombo and the other in Kandy. The final round matches will be played in Colombo.