Holding the Asia Cup on time has become a headache for the organizers -

Holding the Asia Cup on time has become a headache for the organizers

The Asia Cup is scheduled to be held from August 27 to September 11.

The tournament’s hosting was handed over to Sri Lanka many years ago, but due to the busy schedule, the Corona and then the tournament could not be held.

The tournament is scheduled to be held this year after a two-year delay, but due to the economic crisis in Sri Lanka and the following situation and violence, the possibility of the tournament being held there has almost been ruled out.

Although Sri Lankan cricket board officials still want the tournament to be held in their own country the transfer of the event could cost them up to 10 million.

The deteriorating law and order situation in the host country, the deployment of troops on the streets, and the curfew have also troubled the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) officials. Lincoln Board officials have been contacted.

It is expected that Sri Lankan cricket officials will visit India on the eve of the IPL final, where they will also meet J. Shah. The finals are scheduled for this month.

The biggest problem for the ACC is that the tournament is scheduled for the end of August.

It is even more difficult to move the tournament to any country other than the UAE because of the tension between Pakistan and India, the tournament cannot be held in these two countries and it will be very difficult for anyone else to hold the event on such low notice. ۔

The final decision on hosting the Asia Cup will have to wait until the end of this month.