Junior League; Offer less than 25 percent to title sponsor -

Junior League; Offer less than 25 percent to title sponsor

The first edition of Chairman PCB Ramiz Raja’s dream project Pakistan Junior League is to be held in October, forgetting the PSL, all the attention of the board is focused on this event these days. Reached, PCB kept a reserve price of around 45 crores (Rs 448 million) for 3 years, hoping that big companies would participate but it didn’t happen.

A total of three companies took part in the bidding, including Services Industries and Four Main Event Management along with Sargram Transworld, a longtime Pakistan cricketer, Services were disqualified for not submitting bid security.

Now there are 2 parties left in the field, both of them gave a bid of 9.9 crore rupees for 3 years, the amount of one year is 3 crore which is not even 25% of the reserve price. Informed of the price and asked to submit a new bid which will be opened on Friday.

In this regard, sources say that the market is under pressure these days, there have been problems due to the increase in the value of the dollar, then this is an event for junior cricketers, in this, who will give 45 crore rupees to PCB, from PJL. The dream of big financial gains does not seem realistic.