Old Pakistan Demand for restoration of old cricket system -

Old Pakistan Demand for restoration of old cricket system

With the restoration of old Pakistan at the government level, there is a growing demand in cricket for the return of the old system of departmental teams.

In an interview with the British website PakPassion, fast bowler Hassan Ali said: “First of all, we need to understand what is the most important thing for the betterment of our cricket, be it, politicians or cricket organizers.”

They need to introduce a system that will make our game better and improve the quality of our talent.

He said that as far as departmental teams were concerned, the fact that many people depended on it for their livelihood, attracted youngsters to sports for jobs.

After being a part of the departmental teams, he used to be a part of the national team by giving good performances.

“We have a population of 220 million for which only 6 regional teams are not enough

. I think the number of regional teams should be increased from 6 to 10 and departmental teams should be restored.

There will be opportunities to play cricket, which will also start to show new talent.

Hassan Ali further said that the more teams like Australia visit our country in the future, the more the interest in sports among the youth will increase.