Pitch Upgrade: Possibilities of Pak-West Indies matches in Karachi -

Pitch Upgrade: Possibilities of Pak-West Indies matches in Karachi

In the direction of PCB chairman Rameez Raja, the possibility of shifting the ODI series against West Indies to Karachi has been ruled out due to the upgrading of pitches.

Repairs and upgrades of pitches have been started at more than 40 selected grounds across Pakistan before the start of the new domestic cricket season with the best facilities being provided to the players on Grass Road under the special instructions of Chairman Rameez Raja.

The construction of 13 pitches has also started at the National Stadium in Karachi for the preparation of standard pitches at the domestic level for better preparation for international competitions.

The Nandipur clay stadium used in the construction of wickets has arrived. The process of planting Dhaka grass and indigenous grass is in progress after removing the surface soil which has become unusable for pitches, however, the process of preparation of pitches is very slow.

On the other hand, Australian clay is also expected to reach Karachi in the next few weeks. After customs clearance, imported clay will be poured on wicket no. Wicket No. 4 will use the newly researched soil.

Sources said that timely preparation of these pitches is not possible, after which Karachi has been dropped for hosting a possible alternate ODI series between Pakistan and West Indies. ODI matches between the two countries are 8, 10, and 12. June in Rawalpindi, but due to the political situation, the PCB is considering an alternative location.