PSL 6: 4 match ban proposed for violating biosecure bubble -

PSL 6: 4 match ban proposed for violating biosecure bubble

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) wants to ensure that violations are kept to a minimum in the biosafety bubble before the remaining PSL matches in Abu Dhabi.
It is to be noted that during PSL 6 in Karachi, the league had to be postponed due to the positive test of several players and officials. According to sources, players and officials may be banned for 1 to 4 matches with a fine of 25 to 100 percent in match fees for violating the protocol.
Violations fall into 3 different categories: minor violations inside the bubble, serious violations and going out of the bubble or spoiling its environment, masks while traveling in a PCB bus or vehicle.
This includes not touching, sitting close to other people in the lounge before air travel, not washing or sanitizing hands when entering the ground during a match or practice, and spitting on the ball.
No social distance from Lairto members on the ground, sharing drinks, water bottles, luggage, clothes, towels, or kits with anyone, not giving details in symptom tracking app, cap, hat, jumper or glasses by bowler Giving out to the umpire, spitting on the field and some other things would be considered minor violations.
Going to an isolation room without a doctor’s advice, not wearing a mask during physio and massage treatments, sharing a bottle or using unmarked drink bottles and towels by players, throwing masks or gloves during air travel, to hide symptoms.
Taking any medication or altering test results or hiding information about the appearance of symptoms would be considered serious violations.
The first minor violation will be waived after warning and reprimand or will be fined 25% match fee, repeat mistake or serious violation will be fined 50 to 75% match fee or one to 3 matches will be banned.
Violations of the biosecure bubble will result in immediate isolation, quarantine, and PCR tests, a 100% penalty of match fees, and a 2 to 4 match ban.
The convicted cricketer from the PSL Technical Committee will be able to appeal against the decision within 24 hours to CEO PCB Wasim Khan who will take a decision within three days.