PSL franchises find a way to break the heat -

PSL franchises find a way to break the heat

Abu Dhabi will be hot during the PSL 6 matches, which the franchises are anxious to break.

Cricket played in the scorching heat of the Arabian deserts raises serious concerns about the lack of water and salt in the players’ bodies.

To meet this need, it is planned to continue drinking coconut water regularly, thus reducing the chances of cramps during the game.

There is also a suggestion that increasing the intervals during the innings will also help in overcoming the fitness problems caused by dehydration.

Breaking every 7 overs will help the players to regain their energy. The heat will also be countered with the help of an ice collar and vest.

Players will be provided with light kits depending on the season, they will have more air circulation, the heat intensity in the UAE usually starts to decrease after sunset.

According to the proposed schedule of PSL 6, the first match will start at 5 pm on any day with doubleheaders.

In the first innings, the players may face some difficulties. Later, the situation will improve. The franchises hope that professional cricketers Can meet the challenge.