Rameez Raja elected the new PCB chairman -

Rameez Raja elected the new PCB chairman

Former Pakistan cricket captain and well-known commentator Rameez Raja has been elected unopposed as the 36th chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

He is the fourth cricketer after Abdul Hafeez Kardar, Javed Burki, and Ijaz Butt and the third former captain to take charge of the cricket board. Is.

At the National High-Performance Center, Chief Election Commissioner Justice (retd) Azmat Sheikh in a special meeting of the Governing Board did not field any candidate against Rameez Raja, after which the Chief Election Commissioner formally announced Rameez Raja as the new head of the cricket board. done.

Asad Ali Khan, Jawad Qureshi, Asim Wajid Jawad, Arif Saeed, and Alia Zafar attended the meeting.

PCB chief executive Wasim Khan was also part of the important meeting.

The participants of the meeting expressed full confidence in Rameez Raja after which he sat on the Chairman’s chair and thanked the Chief Election Commissioner and the Board members. Rameez Raja highlighted future plans for the betterment of cricket.