The chairman stood firm, refraining from declaring the umpire out -

The chairman stood firm, refraining from declaring the umpire out

The umpire is also refraining from declaring him out, although some quarters want Rameez Raja to resign on his own, he did not take such a step at the behest of a high-ranking official.

Cricket is far from a priority. Changing the head is avoiding opening a new Pandora’s box.

On the other hand, the PCB has not yet received any instructions regarding the revival of departmental cricket.

Even if this happens, implementation will take time and the possibility of a return this year is very low.

However, former Test cricketer Iqbal Qasim does not agree with this impression.

According to him, if the government makes an announcement, the teams will be formed in a few days.

Initially, the finished cricketers can be fed in a grade two tournament.

Department of Cricket should be immediately revived and a think tank should be set up to give suggestions in this regard.

As soon as Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif took office, he faced many big challenges.

In such a scenario, cricket has not been included in his list of priorities for a long time.

Not interfering in this matter, the removal of Rameez Raja could open a new Pandora’s box as he is performing his duties well.

That is why the government has put the matter on hold for the time being. Some people thought that Rameez Raja himself would resign but he still refrained from this decision at the request of an important person.

At the request of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, the PCB had changed the system of domestic cricket.

With the closure of departments, thousands of cricketers and others became unemployed.

Following the change of government, there are now reports that the old system is being restored.

For this, the constitution will have to be changed. Even if the departments agree to form teams again at the behest of the government, the appointment of players and other issues cannot be worked out overnight, at least this year.

Chances are very low. Sources further said that Rameez Raja is also not against departmental cricket, if he stays in office and the government calls for a change in the system, he will not oppose either.

When contacted in this regard, former Test cricketer Iqbal Qasim said that departmental cricket should be restored immediately.

A think tank should be set up to give suggestions in this regard. Cricketers who have not been able to reach an agreement with the PCB may be given a chance in the Grade II tournament at the beginning.

And a simultaneous tournament of the regions is also possible. To a question, he said that re-forming teams for departments would not be a difficult task, most of them have structure.

National Bank and UBL have sports complexes, WAPDA, etc. can also come.